Aptoide for PC : Download Latest Version For Windows 10 & Mac for Free

Aptoide for PC: Aptoide for PC, mac is The best alternative for the Google Play store available on the market is the Aptoide for pc. Aptoide pc is a complete store for the users who want to download apps or any other file on free registration. You just need to get this app downloaded on your device to download other apps on your Android phones or any device. One just has to search for the apps and download. The process is very simple. The app’s official version for the aptoide PC is not available, but you can still have it installed on your PC with the help of following guidelines. you can download aptoide for PC for free. follow the below steps to download Aptoide Pc for free.

                             Aptoide for PC

Aptoide for PC Download Latest version Free For Windows 10/8.1/8/XP & Mac Laptop:

Aptoide app does not require the users to go through any compulsory registration process like in the case of Google Play Store. In addition, just like the Play Store, Aptoide for pc provides the users with apps. In fact, Aptoide pc provides with apps that are not available on Google Play Store. Also, a lot of users state that they are able to find the premium, paid apps from the Google Play Store to be free in Aptoide. The best thing about Aptoide is that it even has the apps for which people have to pay up for free of cost. Also, these apps are available for the upload done by other users of Aptoide. With Aptoide, you have the power to download any app in the world. Here comes more on the amazing features of Aptoide. if you have an android smartphone then you can go through Aptoide for Android

Features of Aptoide for PC and mac:

Aptoide pc is the ideal store for all the apps. Here are a few of the best features of Aptoide:

  • It has a huge database of applications.
  • One can create their store for apps.
  • The downloading speed is quite good in Aptoide pc.
  • The interface of Aptoide is simple as well.
  • Aptoide comes with multi-language support.
  • The size of Aptoide is small.
  • Manual update of Aptoide is possible..

                      Aptoide for PC

Download Aptoide for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista & Mac:

The Aptoide for PC and Mac is not officially available in the market. But no need to worry about it, with the step by step guidelines you can download and install it on your Mac or PC. One of the traditional ways to install the application is using an Android emulator on your PC. The best emulator is the Bluestacks and this android emulator can be downloaded for absolutely zero cost. Follow these steps for further installation of the Aptoide app. also check Aptoide for ios article if you want to download it for ios devices with out jail break.

How to Install Aptoide for PC on Windows:

  • Get the app/apk file of Aptoide app from its official site
  • Then you have to download the emulator Bluestacks
  • After downloading the Android emulator – Bluestacks, install it on your PC

                            Aptoide for PC

  • Search for Aptoide app on the same.
  • Once you see the name in the search results, make sure to install the .apk file of Aptoide using the Bluestacks
  • After the installation of Aptoide completes; the icon of Aptoide will be visible on the home page of Bluestacks

The steps given in the section for downloading Aptoide for pc is all that one needs for the complete installation of the fantastic app. Hope the article is helpful for you to install and use the Aptoide for pc. if you have any doubts regarding Aptoide for PC do comment below we will clarify all your doubts. hope you loved the app. Thanks for reading the article.

Aptoide for ios: Download for iPhone/iPad/iOS For Free [No Jailbreak]

Aptoide for iOS: Aptoide for ios aptoide app ios is now available for ios platform devices such as iPhone/iPad/iOS. Apple phones have a lot of restrictions and security issues when it comes to downloading applications. You must be tired of not being able to use some the applications that android users use. After spending so much money on your phone, you could possibly not be thrilled about spending more money on some of the paid applications. There are some applications on play store that can not be accessed by an Apple user. Therefore, Aptoide is an alternative option. It is similar to play store and gives a lot of premium applications without charging you a penny. It currently has more than two billion users all around the world.

Aptoide for ios

Aptoide for ios

Aptoide for ios Download Latest Version:

aptoide for ios is an application that was developed in Singapore in the year 2005. In 2001 one the headquarters was shifted to Hong Kong. The Aptoide IOS is very user-friendly and can be downloaded on all apple devices. Most application on the play store or the apple store can only be bought. Aptoide gives you an option not to pay for any of the applications at all. 

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Features of the Aptoide App For iOS:

  • Access to all the paid or premium apps that are available on Apple store
  • You get quality service with their exclusive technical support team
  • There is more than 60,000 application. Borrowed from another play store as well as some application of its own
  • They have forum and blog where you can discuss problems, feedback and reviews
  • Regular and automatic upgrade available from time to time
  • Aptoide for ios

    Aptoide for ios

How to use Aptoide For iOS in iPhone/iPad:

Aptoide for your IOS will work just like another store in the mobile development forum. You can access all the applications that you used on your apple or android phone. There will be absolutely no difference or what so ever in the experience of this application. Here is a quick and safe guide for you to download this application and run it successfully on your apple ios.  

Step-by-Step instructions for Aptoide For iOS/iPhone/iOS:

Many of the special feature downloads sometimes require you to jailbreak your phone. Which means you will be permanently changing the software of the phone which leads to loss of warranty. Aptoide can be downloaded without the need of jailbreak.

  • Search using safari – “Aptoide”
  • This will direct you to the official website
  • There will be an option where you can download Aptoide for IOS
  • There will be an apk by the name of Aptoide apk
  • Add this application to your home screen
  • not satisfied with the aptoide app? don’t worry! check the Aptoide alternatives for Android & iOS article and download many paid apps for free.


This is one of the quick ways to get all the android and apple application for free. There are many other ways of doing this but Aptoide for ios is one the best one that stands out. The number of users is relatively more and there is more assured. Their customer services are world class and they are quick at responding. You can become active on their forum and learn how Aptoide actually works. Most of all it is completely legal and does not harm your phone at any cost. You can enjoy the android and apple experience all at once with one simple application.