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Aptoide App Not Working – Fix Aptoide Problems and Errors

Aptoide Not Working: Aptoide is an Open Source Android Market which is similar to Google play store, where you can download a huge number of android apps on your device. Unlike Google Play Store, In Aptoide anyone can manage their own store. Aptoide Store contains lot different Individual stores authorized by the users and has over 700,000 apps and is available in 40 different languages. It has over 2.8 billion downloads as per the norms of 2017. check all about aptoide not working from here.

Aptoide Not Working Issues:

Coming to the User Interface of the Aptoide store—It is very user-friendly and any new user can easily navigate around the store without feeling any difficulty. Now I am going to show how to fix the problems faced by the Aptoide  Users if they get any Download errors while downloading the apps and also Aptoide, not working issues. if everything is fine then go through Aptoide Apk for downloading the app. you can directly download the app from here.


How to Fix Problems and Download Errors- Aptoide Not Working:

There are several issues faced by Aptoide users and you are going to get the solutions for all your problem at one place and it is going to be here and you don’t need to go anywhere to find the solutions to fix the problems faced while using Aptoide.


  • The first thing to do is to go and check whether you have allowed Unknown sources to download on your device. If not follow these steps and allow the Unknown sources so that you won’t get any errors while downloading the app. Go to Settings>>Security>>Unknown Sources>> Enable by clicking on the box.

  • Aptoide Issues: If you find difficulty in downloading the apps after installing Aptoide, Try to reinstall Aptoide and start downloading the apps you and.
  • Crashing Issue: If your Aptoide Crashes, Try restarting your device and clear the cache memory of Aptoide and start using the app.
  • Change Default Launcher: Remove the default launcher of your device and use other launchers like Nova etc which will prevent Aptoide errors.
  • Reboot Device: Try Rebooting the device several times so that Aptoide may not fail.
  • Try Downloading Aptoide from other stores instead of the official website and check whether the downloaded version from other stores is working or not.
  • Last but not the least check the Internet connection.

These apps which I am about to mention may not work properly on your device:


  • Amazon Music.
  • Map Factor.
  • Nav free.
  • Sygic.
  • Lanrule.

These are the several issues faced by Aptoide users and can be resolved by following the above steps mentioned. Besides all the issues and errors, Aptoide is one of the best Android apps for the Android users.


These are the issues faced by Aptoide users and this is all about How to Fix Problems and Download Errors. Hope you guys like the article and feel free to contact through comment section if you have any queries regarding this.  Please share with your friends and don’t forget to share on social networking platforms.

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Aptoide Alternatives – Similar Apps Like Aptoide for Android & iOS

Aptoide Alternatives: The Aptoide is a user-friendly app, which enables the users to download all the possible applications that are available in the market. The app is basically a hack to use – even the paid applications free of cost. The Aptoide also provides other awesome features along with free use of applications. All the latest updates are available on this application. The information regarding various features is also provided. Here, the user decides to keep or discard the features, whichever the user needs.

                            Aptoide Alternatives

The Aptoide provides a much simpler user interface and the user is comfortable with the application immediately post download. Downloading applications on the Aptoide is also very simple. One just needs to search for the desired application, select the download option and enjoy the features given by the app. Aptoide also has a lot of substitutes. In case you have some technical problems with the Aptoide app, you can always make use of the substitutes. if you want to download Aptoide Apk for android go through this link and download Aptoide Apk for free.

Aptoide Alternatives & Similar Apps Like Aptoide for Android & iOS

Here are a few efficient alternatives for Aptoide:

  • vShare
  • Appcake
  • Zeusmos
  • 25pp
  • Hipstore


vShare is a perfect substitute to the Aptoide app and it is available both on Android as well as iOS. The iOS enabled devices have this application installed by default. There are a lot of applications on vShare, which are available for free download. The search engine is very powerful and due to the categorization of applications, it becomes pretty easy to search for useful applications. many users tries this app for aptoide alternative. 

                               Aptoide Alternatives


The Appcake is useful for smartphones with android systems but for iOS, there is the condition of the iOS being jailbroken. The Appcake is a third party app store and it is not at all useful for the iOS. This application also provides all the latest applications in the market and the top 20 list of applications is updated from time to time. this app is the best Aptoide alternative.

          Aptoide Alternatives


The Zuesmos application is a sophisticated and professional third party app store, which is available for both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS devices. This application is also available for the Android devices. The interface of this application makes it pretty easy to use and thus this application is very popular amongst the users.

                Aptoide Alternatives


25pp is one of the best apps for finding and discovering new applications and downloading them for free. This application also features certain applications that are not available on other third party apps. This application can be used on android devices as well as jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS devices. The one drawback of the 25pp application is the language issue. The language of this application is not yet translated into English and there are Chinese as well as Vietnamese characters on the application, which makes the 25pp hard to use.

                  Aptoide Alternatives


The Hipstore is also one of the best applications, which is popularly used by the users worldwide. Hipstore is the perfect application for downloading paid and unpaid applications on your android phone and iOS devices regardless of its jailbreak status. This application is free of cost and features all the possible latest applications available in the market. In fact, the premium applications can be downloaded for absolutely no cost on this amazing application.

             Aptoide Alternatives

A few applications in the list might lack any particular feature from the Aptoide app. But then, the rest of the features are as efficient as in the Aptoide app. You can choose your favorite app repository with the features you expect or according to the needs of your devices. hope you liked it. thanks for reading this article. good day!